Funbact A Uses, Side Effects, Treatment & Review

Funbact A Uses

Funbact A uses include: treatment of bacterial infections, ringworm, rash or itching plus relief from bruises. It is also used to cure skin infections such as eczema and several others. Remember, it is a triper-action lotion or cream with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that should never be used to bleach. Funbact-A cream features the … Read more

Is Funbact A Bleaching Cream? FIND OUT!

Is Funbact A Bleaching Cream

Is funbact a bleaching cream? Funbact A or skineal are triple action creams (not cosmetic/beauty ones) mean’t for the treatment of skin infections and not bleaching. So, no, it will not bleach you as far as you don’t abuse it. However, since it contains steroids, it may lighten or bleach your face if you continue … Read more

EFFECTS of Funbact A Mixed with Shea Butter for ADULTS & KIDS

Funbact A Mixed with Shea Butter

Mixing Funbact A and shea butter for babies or kids will cause temporary or permanent damage to their face, muscle weakness, unwanted weight gain (steroids), ulcer and many more. Side Effects of Long-Term Use Of Funbact A On Kids Other effects of Funbact A on a child include: Increase in hair growth Weakness of the … Read more

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