How to know Fake Funbact A & Original – DIFFERENCES with Pictures!

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We have discovered any way to know fake Funbact A and original Funbact A cream using guidelines stated by NAFDAC.

With the help of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), we will be showing you the difference between funbact A original and fake funbact A.

Difference between Fake and Original Funbact A

So, here is how to Know Original Funbact A cream and spotting fake one:

Colour Print (Tin Print): It is darker The fake one is light in colour
Expiring Date: You can find the expiring date at the end of the tin. At times, it is not placed at the end. But, recently they too have begun placing it at the end of the tin.
Neomycin Sulphate u.s.p: The original contains this anti-bacterial agent The fake may or may not contain this
Melting and Change of Color: The original melts but never changes color. While the fake melts and will change color.


Check the ingredients on the body and you’ll see the differences

Thickness: The correct Fun bact A cream is thick The fake one is not
Bleaching: The original gets rid of pimples and acne and does not bleach unless used for a long period of time The fake bleaches when used for a short period of time and since it contains more steroids, it leads to acne breakout too.
Cardboard: The size of the cardboard is the same with the fake. But, the original has a dark print  
NafDac Number: The original has a unique Nafdac number The fake might not have or will forge so aas to deceive the public.

Like you, many may not be able to afford laboratory test equipment’s to verify the authencity of a drug product and that is why we have shared simple ways on how to know fake Funbact A

The guidelines will help you avoid a fake Funbact A Cream:

How to know Fake Funbact A & Original

How To Spot Fake Funbact A Cream

The original Funbact A now comes with a scratch panel. Scratch and send to the number stated there using the code below.

Verify Online or SMS

This is the fastest means of verifying the authenticity of a Funbact A Cream.  Each Funbact A cream now comes with a mobile authentication code that can be used to verify each tube using the following steps;

  • Step 1:

Scratch the ash like panel to reveal the code or Pin

  • Step 2:

Text the Pin to 38353 (Make sure you type the PIN correctly)

  • Step 3:

You should receive an instant message that indicates whether the product is genuine or fake

Good Luck!


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