Is Funbact A Bleaching Cream? FIND OUT!

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Is funbact a bleaching cream? Funbact A or skineal are triple action creams (not cosmetic/beauty ones) mean’t for the treatment of skin infections and not bleaching. So, no, it will not bleach you as far as you don’t abuse it. However, since it contains steroids, it may lighten or bleach your face if you continue to use for a prolonged period.

Is Funbact A Bleaching Cream?

Although not a bleaching cream, many ladies use Funbact A to bleach their face and to lighten their dark arm pits and knuckles. New mothers also use it to bleach their baby’s skin. They typically mix it with shea butter or any other baby lotion or cream and use that to lighten up their skin. This, is WRONG! PLEASE STOP DOING THAT IF YOU’VE BEEN DOING IT. The long term effect of this is SKIN CANCER.

Can I use Funbact A to bleach my Child Skin?

No! It is not SAFE to use Funbact A to bleach your baby’s skin. Skineal, Hydrocortisones and others aren’t safe either.

It is bad, annoying, against humanitu and religion to try to change a child’s skin. These creams are for treating skin diseases and nothing more! Remember, children are beautiful just the way God created them! SKIN CANCER IS REAL O!

Natural Alternatives for Funbact A for better, softer and Glowing Skin


  • Cocoa butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil

The Effects of Using Skineal and Funbact A to Lighten Skin on Kids

The following are some health implications of prolonged use of topical steroids;

  • Skin Discolouration – Some parts will be red, orange, yellow, white and in some cases, green!
  • Skin Thinning Leading To Striae (Permanent Stretch Marks), – Artificial stretchmarks are almost impossible to chase away. Please, stop using these things to bleach.
  • Slower Rate Of Wound Healing – Once the skin begins to lose its strength, your injury will begin to heal slow and not fast like before.
  • Easy Bruising Amongst Other– Small play, the pikin don wound o.

Instead of engaging in skin bleaching practices and putting your child at risk of skin issues and cancer as he or she grows, why not make your child comfortable with the color of his or her skin?

Remember, Skineal and Funbact A are medications that should be correctly used to meet the purposes for which they are made for which include treating skin conditions caused by bacteria, fungi or inflammation.

They are not for cosmetic purposes!

Discourage the use of triple action creams as part of cosmetic products. It has serious consequences on your skin in the long run. When the skin gets used to it, stopping it will hurt your face and body for a short period. But, that does not mean you should continue using it o. Instead, you should wait it out and your skin will go back to the original state.

Additionally, mixing it with creams and lotions is not safer since one does is not aware of the biological component of each other. In many cases, it causes skin infection or rash breakout. Mixing funbact A or Skineal for babies and infants is even far more dangerous. Stay informed!

Is Funbact A Bleaching Cream

Why Does Funbact A Bleach?

Funbact A can lighten or bleach your skin since it contains Betamethasone a corticosteroid used by doctors to treat skin conditions.

Does Funbact A Bleach the Face?

Yes! Prolonged use of Funbact A even after it has treated your skin infection will lighten you 3 shades within 3 weeks or less.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used after the treatment is achieved/completed. Once you skin is free from its infection, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY.

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