How to use Shea Butter for Buttocks Enlargement | Hip | Breast E.t.c

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Shea butter for buttocks enlargement has been claimed by many to work and several others not to work. Nonetheless, we have taken it upon ourselves to test it and we have RESULTS to show you.

Not only that, we also prove to you if bitter kola and shea butter works for making breasts firm and for hip enlargement.

Are you excited? Let’s jump right to it!

There’s a video circulating the internet about how you can mix shea butter and bitter kola powder and rub it on parts of your body and the results will be visible within 30 minutes. Well, it doesn’t quite work like that.

How to use Shea Butter for Buttocks Enlargement

To use it, simply

  • Buy Original sheabutter
  • Rub on your butt, and massage it.
  • Leave for 30 minutes or leave it overnight

Repeat this process for 90 days and you should begin seeing results, right?

WRONG! SHEA BUTTER cannot and will not increase the size of your ass. Instead, it could make it fresher and softer. * winks *

But, what about shea butter and bitter Kola, will that work? Let’s find out. I had my friend, Glory test it and here is her review.

How to Use Shea Butter and Bitter Kola For Buttocks Enlargement

Hello everyone, my name is Glory and having tested it, here are what I did and my results:

  • Blend Bitter kola and shea butter together
  • Put the paste in a dry lid, cover and refrigerate
  • Take out later and apply on buttocks in the morning and evening
  • You can apply on hips too

According to the claim, the results is supposed to show in 30-90 days. I did this for 180 days and nothing changed. The only thing that happened is that my yansh became softer (which I like, haha) and my it became fresher (which my BF loved)… Hehe.

So, I changed tactics, and tried squatting instead.

What can I use to make my buttocks bigger in NIGERIA?

I did squats, squats with arabesques, lunges, brides and twerking. I did this daily, and at least 3 sets and I’m proud of the results! THIS WORKS!!!! For real!!

How to Use Shea Butter and Bitter Kola for Hip Enlargement

DO this:

  • Blend bitter kola and Shea butter
  • Add Vaseline in the mix (optional)
  • Rub on your hips and that should work, Right?

WRONG! Rubbing shea butter (Ori) and bitter kola on your hips a billion times cannot make them bigger. Anyone who says it works is a liar because the hips is a bone!

How Can I make my Hips Bigger then?

Go for surgery but I have seen child birth give some ladies bigger hips.

How To Use Bitter Kola And Shea Butter For Breast Enlargement

For bigger breast try this:

  • Put bitter kola in the blender, and blend until powdery
  • Add in two teaspoon of shea butter and blend until smooth
  • Now, put in a dry container
  • Then, rub on your breast twice a day, and by day 90 the result will show, RIGHT?

This is not a complete false case as it works for some and may not work for others. If it doesn’t work for you, it will at least make your boob fresher and firmer.

It didn’t work for me, what can I do?

If you want bigger breasts as a woman, we recommend going for breast augmentation surgery for INSTANT RESULT.

How to use Bitter kola and Shea butter for Firm Breast

To correct saggy breasts, try:

  • Mix a blend of bitter kola with shea butter
  • Apply on breasts morning and night

It may and may not work for you. But, it is worth a try. Shea butter has regenerative properties that can help.

I have tried it, it did not work

Try a breast lift surgery, if you can afford it. Don’t waste your time.


Can I use Shea butter and Bitter Kola to Increase my Breast?

No, it does not work.

Can I use Shea butter and bitter kola to make my Bum Bum big?

This mixture cannot make your bum-bum bigger than it already is.

Shea Butter for Buttocks

Can I use Coconut oil for Buttocks Enlargement?

Although not proven scientifically, people swear coconut oil works for bigger buttocks when massaged.

Disclaimer: The information shared here are for education purposes only and should never be substituted for professional treatment or diagnosis.

Always seek medical advice, guidance, and treatment from your healthcare professional before making any health-related decisions or seeking counseling, guidance, or treatment for a specific medical condition.

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