Can Hair Relaxer kill Lice? & How to Use!

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A hair relaxer is a product used to straighten curly or wavy hair. While hair relaxers may kill lice, they are not a recommended therapy for lice infestations.

Hair relaxers contain chemicals like sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, or ammonium thioglycolate that are supposed to break down the protein structure of the hair and straighten it. These chemicals can be harsh and harmful to the hair and scalp, causing skin irritation, burns, and hair breakage if handled incorrectly or kept on the hair for an extended period of time.

While hair relaxers may kill certain lice, they are neither effective nor safe for treating lice infestations. Several over-the-counter lice treatments, such as shampoos, conditioners, and combs, are available and are specifically designed to eliminate lice and nits without harming the hair or scalp.

Insecticides such as pyrethrin or permethrin, which have been demonstrated to be efficient in killing lice, are commonly used in these treatments.

When taking lice treatments, it is critical to follow the recommendations on the product label and to seek medical assistance if you encounter any unpleasant reactions.

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Hair relaxers are not advised as a treatment for lice infestations, and their use may injure the hair and scalp. It is recommended to use safe and effective lice and nit treatments that are specifically developed to kill lice and nits without harming the hair or scalp.

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