Can Damatol and Camphor Kill Lice? & How to Use!

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Both damatol and camphor can kill insects, so they may also be able to kill lice. But there isn’t much scientific evidence that they work as a treatment for lice, and more research is needed to prove that they do.

Some of the ingredients in Damatol hair cream, such as sulfur and menthol, are known to kill insects. On the other hand, camphor is a natural substance that is often used in over-the-counter lice treatments because it is said to kill insects.

When used together, Damatol and camphor may be more effective at killing lice than either one alone.

But it’s important to keep in mind that these products may not be enough to completely get rid of lice on their own. To get rid of lice effectively, it’s best to use more than one treatment, such as medicated shampoos, conditioners, and combs.

Also, it’s important to follow the directions on the product label and get medical help if you have any bad side effects.

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In conclusion, Damatol and camphor might be able to kill lice, but more research is needed to make sure. To get rid of lice effectively, you need to use more than one treatment and follow the directions very carefully.

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