How to Know Original Fair and White Cream

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It’s important to be cautious when purchasing skincare products in Nigeria or any other country, as counterfeit products are a significant problem in many markets. Counterfeit products can be ineffective, unsafe, and potentially harmful to your health, so it’s always best to purchase from reputable sources.

Here is how to know the original fair and white cream

  • The original one costs somewhere between NGN7,000 to NGN10,000.
  • The second way to know THE ORIGINAL FAIR AND WHITE CREAM is that it normally comes with a pin that is covered and you need to scratch and then an instruction is there. You’ll see a pin to text to a code and once you do that. It will return a message authenticating your product.

A message like this:

  • The write-up on the front of the original fair and white cream is rough, even the writing on the sticker. While the fake one write up is printed on the bottle and is smooth.
  • The original has the text “I protect my skin” and the fake has this written on it “To protect my skin”.

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Note: It is important that the original is of two types and they both look alike: The skin Perfector lotion, brightening and moisturizing body milk, and the moisturizer. The moisturizer will only add moisture to your skin and would not lighten it while the skin-lightening lotion will lighten your skin and make you fairer.


The official website of NAFDAC Verify is the greatest approach to identifying the real Fair and White cream. Enter the product’s NAFDAC number to ensure its authenticity. An original Fair and White cream will yield results with product specifications. Simultaneously, a non-original Fair and White cream will provide an error warning.

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